The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi
Life-Training for the Blind

St James Academy has trained 44 and 180 blind persons in the Bangalore and Hyderabad respectively, getting them prepared, especially for Government Jobs. They have acquired Government Certification and many have successfully secured Government Jobs. The course included Mobility and Orientation Training, Basic Computer Hardware and Microsoft Office Software Training through the use of Computers catered for the blind, Braille, Spoken English and Soft Skills.

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St James Academy over the years has financed more than 40 students who are a part of the community to attend college through soft Student Loans. The candidates are requested to repay the tuition to St James interest-free according to their ability over an extended, favourable period of time.

Independent Pastoral Worker Training

This programme was designed to serve the people who have worked in communities and planted churches that they pastor.

They have no formal training either in theological and pastoral studies or in community work. This programme addresses that need.
The training includes how to study the bible, basic Christian doctrines, Christian moral teaching an adaptation of catholic social teaching understanding communities, Developing Community initiatives developing enterprises in the community and Micro Enterprises development.

This Programme has enabled the trainee pastor to provide a range of services to his members and encourage the growth of the church, improve its finances and his income. St James Academy also encouraged the development micro and small businesses through these Independent Pastors. 49 Independent Pastors have participated.

Sri Lanka Pastors’ Training Programme

St. James Academy, Bangalore partnered with South India Bible Institute to provide the components of Catholic Social Teaching, Training in Community Development and Leadership and Micro Enterprise development for Tamil pastors from outcast community in North Sri Lanka.

Following 30 years of civil war that devastated this region, 70% of the women aged between18–35 are war widows and livelihood programmes for them here the highest priority. 

The first batch of 11 trainees started the programme in January 2015, St James aims to follow up with the trainees and provide further training and support.

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